Installing Solar Panels Does Not Make You Strange

When it comes to conserving energy and using it responsibly, this is something that more and more people these days are making an honest attempt to do. After all, the planet has suffered as a result of our carelessness for long enough, and it is time that we took responsibility for our actions and begin using some more environmentally friendly forms of energy. Because of this, a number of home owners these days are making the switch from traditional electricity to solar power. This can be accomplished Read the rest of this entry »

Solar Panels Do Not Make Your Home Look Funny

Setting up solar panels may make you feel a bit conspicuous at first, especially if you are the only person on your block to have them, but try to think of yourself as a trend-setter instead. No one will think that your house looks funny if you point out to them how much energy you are generating with those solar panels. To those who are properly educated, solar panels represent a concern for the environment and an impressive do-it-yourself attitude that results in significant savings in energy costs.

You may not see the savings Read the rest of this entry »

Using Solar Energy Is The Future, Go Solar Now

Solar energy, with its capacity to provide cost-effective, clean renewable power, promises to play a major role in meeting the energy needs of the 21st century. Home, business and property owners who may be interested in using solar energy to meet some or all of their power needs would be wise to investigate the options, equipment and installations that are available to them. Investing in any equipment that may make your property more energy-efficient and sustainable may not be an option that you can afford to overlook. The environmental and financial benefits Read the rest of this entry »

The Lesser Known Benefits of Solar Power

As a contemporary society, we’ve taken massive steps toward integrating solar power into our electric grids. It’s never been more evident that solar energy is going to be one of the key contributors to our future energy supply. In turn, that means fewer carbon emissions from fossil fuels and a healthier environment – but that’s not all.

Solar power can also help our population through its residual effects. For example, are you aware of how many jobs are being created every day in the solar industry? Generating, transmitting, and distributing solar energy takes a lot of manpower if you want to maximize efficiency. Thus, jobs are constantly opening up for professionals who are looking to jump into the industry. With an increasing interest in its development, solar power could help lower unemployment rates.

What else is there to like about solar energy? It’s also an unobtrusive resource. Solar panels are quite, discreet, and easy to maintain. Provided they’re placed on roofs or in unoccupied areas, they’re not much of an eyesore, either. And they’re easy to utilize, too. Some Electric Companies will even deal with solar power’s supply on your behalf so you don’t have to install panels onto your home or business.

Looking onward, it’ll be exciting to watch the progression of solar power in relation to our national energy supply. We’ve got a lot to look forward to.

The Best Installation Pattern For Solar Panels

Scientist have been working on ways to create power without using fossil fuels which damage the environment. This is also part of the Go Green movement that is sweeping the nation. Going Green means doing our part to take care of the Earth. We all want to save our planet, and installing solar panels on out homes is one way to do so. Solar panels harness the power of the sun by turning its rays into usable electricity. This would mean a Read the rest of this entry »

How Efficient Are Solar Panels Anyway?

One of the major criticisms of solar panels is that they are inefficient. In fact the average efficiency of a solar panel, or the amount of energy present in sunlight that is actually converts into electricity, is between 17 and 20. Now that might not sound like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that sunlight offers roughly 438 killowatt hours of energy per square foot per year. Even at a 20 efficiency rating, that’s 87.6 killowatt hours of electricity mined from Read the rest of this entry »

Solar Energy Can Power Your Entire Home

Using renewable energy to power your home brings with it many advantages. The chance to save on the cost of your monthly utilities can offer some significant savings for your budget. Additionally, by choosing a renewable source of power the electricity you consume will not have to come at the cost of the environment.

With the advances that have been made in solar technology the cost of installation and maintenance for the equipment needed is finally within the reach of most homeowners. If you Read the rest of this entry »

Solar Power Is Pure, Clean Power

The ongoing pursuit for clean, renewable energy has led companies and individuals to look in some unusual places for electricity. However, one of the sources that people keep coming back to time and time again is solar power because it’s pure, clean and dependable. The sun is in the sky, and we know that it will come back day after day.

While solar energy provides a tiny fraction of the power that we use in America, alongside wind and hydroelectric energy which are also clean and renewable, other countries Read the rest of this entry »

Civilization Does Depend On Solar Power

The fate of our modern civilization depends on our use of renewable energy sources such as solar power. Wars are being fought around the globe to control the supply of fossil fuels such as oil. These non-renewable resources have been negatively effecting our ability to work together as a human family. When there is a limited supply of a resource, nature dictates that people will battle to gain control of the supply of the dwindling resource.

Many people see the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind as the ticket out of an endless war. These power Read the rest of this entry »

The Factual History Behind Solar Power

In the year 1838 a man by the name of Edmund Bequerel researched that light can be transformed into energy. Auguste Mouchout made the first design to harness solar energy in 1881. He designed methods to tuirn solar energy into steam power and be used for transportation purposes. This was supposed to be an alternative source of energy but people were less interested in solar power and instead relied on coal for transportation. The very first published book on solar energy was written by William Adams Read the rest of this entry »